Reduce and expedite the time spent on billing your center. Fitbe manages the payment plans, monthly subscriptions and even system of sessions and bonuses for its subscribers.

Charge your customers through cash payments, card and direct debit; Issuing remittances of invoices generated at will along with economic reports of the center.

CRM and Marketing

Our CRM module boosts your productivity by leveraging every interaction with your current and potential customers, conducting customer-specific marketing campaigns and improving the performance of your business team.

In this way, it will be easier to manage all business opportunities, increasing the capture and conversion of new customers.

Hours and Reservations

Resolve the management and collection of the collective classes of your center, making their schedules available 24 hours a day available in the pocket of their customers.

Customers can consult in seconds information about the room, the monitor and even reserve their place in collective classes or training sessions.

Your technicians will be able to control at all times who has already reserved their place.


Organize and assign trainings to your clients. Create your own training library and design new training sessions with our virtual assistant. Extend if you want the exercise base including your own.

Of course, your customers will have all the training on their smartphones and tablets, along with video tutorials, recommendations, location and muscle work involved.

Physical monitoring

Our medical team has designed a complete follow-up for their customers.

Thanks to this service you can make a physical assessment to your clients and have in your pocket detailed reports regarding your measurements, volume and body composition. As well as a segmental study of fat and muscle, heart rate and blood pressure.

Nutritional control

Manage your own nutritional plans and send them to your customers with a renewal date in seconds.

Our platform also allows you to integrate other nutritional management software solutions and link reports in PDF format that your partners can consult from their APP in Any time.

Once the renewal date is reached, both nutritionist and partner will receive an automatic notification.


Use gamification to motivate your customers' sports practice.

In this way, you will be creating a virtual community for your customers, allowing them to interact with each other, accumulate experience points, compare their statistics, and Encourage activity to get the best positions in your own ranking.

You will have at your disposal a tool with which to create collective challenges for your center and measure how much each client participates in them.

Custom APP

If you want to use Fitbe's generic APP, we give you the possibility of having your own personalized APP with your name, brand and corporate image. In this way, you can send push notifications to your partners, improve your positioning (capturing new clients) and configure which modules and functionalities will activate for your subscribers.

Your APP will also have an exclusive access zone and another zone For invited users, where you will add promotions and offers, list your equipment or any other information of interest.

KPI Indicators

We collect and analyze numerous indicators of interest for the management of the center. Analyze the productivity of your equipment, trend of use of your customers, demand for your services, among many other indicators KPI.

Especially interesting is the feedback you will get from your customers regarding valuation and satisfaction Of collective classes, trainings and infrastructures. Facilitating thus, the continuous improvement.

Tasks management

Our task planner, allows the staff of the center and management, check all pending tasks, organized by day and time and associate responsible.

Our One-click system allows Solve these tasks in a single click, so that in a matter of seconds you can renew training sessions, nutritional plans, physical assessments or any other manual task that you want to assign. All this, generating productivity reports for your employees.

TV channel

If your center has televisions installed for your customers, we suggest you take advantage of them to communicate with your partners in a different way: Through your own television channel.

With great possibilities as to the personalization of content and Information, you will be able to display real-time information about the next classes, announcements, center ranking, challenge information, employee of the month, advertising of associated companies or any other information you want.


    Plataforma de gestión Fitbe

    Fitbe, ofrece una completa plataforma para gestores y técnicos de su centro fitness. Desde cualquier navegador web, podrá acceder en cualquier momento a la gestión completa de clientes, tareas técnicas y administrativas.

    Además, puede integrar este acceso a su propio sitio web corporativo y herramientas de gestión.


    En el bolsillo de sus clientes

    Gracias a FITBE APP, para iOS y Android, podrá dar a sus clientes el acceso a su centro con todas sus opciones: Seguimiento de entrenamientos, trabajo muscular, gamificación, gestión de reservas, consumo de bonos, etc.

    De forma gratuita puede utilizar la APP genérica Fitbe, pero también dispone de opción contratar la personalización de la APP con su nombre, marca e imagen corporativa.

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